Refund and Return Policy

How much time does the customer have (since they receive the product) to start the refund process?

The customer has 14 days from receiving the product to return it, as long as it is not tampered with, its packaging damaged and in its original box, it will be sent to our warehouse so that it can pass the corresponding quality control, shipping costs will be deducted. transportation and the remaining amount will be refunded immediately.

How long (maximum days) does it take, from the start of the process, until it becomes effective?

Once the returned product is received, the entire process can be carried out in a maximum of 48 hours and the corresponding amount will be refunded immediately after the product review process.

Costs associated with the refund process for damaged products.

The products damaged by our agency, we take charge of their replacement and the subsequent claim to the transport company. The return or replacement of the product will not be made until it returns to our warehouse or the deteriorated product is already considered discarded. Our management is fast and we always try not to make the client wait.

Company contact details for this reimbursement process.

In the name of Agualab Química Industrial SL, returns department.

Should I contact Agualab by phone or by mail?

To make the reimbursement contact, you can contact the e-mail or the phone +34 952 478 613

Do I have to send pictures of the product?

Only if it is a breakage or lack of product or if the package was handled by the transport agency, in order to be able to replace it without the need for its return, this procedure will be valued according to the difficulty of the returned product. It will be resolved in the fastest way so that the customer does not delay in receiving his product in its normal state.

Is a refund made for a damaged product or because you regretted the purchase?

If the return is due to regret, the amounts of the shipping costs and return of the merchandise will be deducted and the return will not be completed until the product is received and checked to ensure that it is in perfect condition. If it is damaged or tampered with, it will not be returned and you must pay the amount of the new shipment if you wish to receive it a second time at your home. Returns due to breakages will be replaced by replacements of the product at no cost to the customer. If the customer receives a breakage and decides not to receive the replacement, the shipping cost will be deducted and the remaining amount will be paid, in this way The option of receiving the replacement again is better, since it is the main intention of the purchase.

If the transport agency does not locate the client due to the absence of the client at the indicated address, due to a wrong address or others...

If the client does not receive their order for reasons beyond the control of Agualab, either due to absence at home or because they have provided the wrong address or other reasons, the client (buyer) can request a refund of the amount they have paid once the merchandise is returned again to Agualab and the cost of shipping and return will be deducted. Agualab will return the remaining amount of the order once the returned package is received.