Terms and conditions of use

In this space we offer users to find all the necessary and timely information on the legal terms and conditions. In order to establish the relationship between users and Agualab as responsible for this website.

It is important that each user knows the legal terms before continuing with their navigation. Agualab, as the person in charge of the web you browse, undertakes to process the information of each of our users. We guarantee compliance with the national and European requirements that regulate the collection and use of the personal data of each client.

Agualab strictly complies with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on data protection, so you can browse completely safely. In addition, we comply with Law 34/2002 and the LSSI-CE of July 11. Services of the information society and electronic commerce.


The general conditions of use consist of regulating the use of the web pages to avoid excess, both of the webs and of the members of the same website https://www.agualab.com.es. All users who enter our website and agree to browse it, must submit to the said General Conditions in force at the time on the portal https://www.agualab.com.es.


Agualab saves the data provided by each user for different utilities within the same website. The user can revoke her consent at any time, the use of the data is necessary to inform the client of services, advertisements, news about the service or products, among other things.

To learn more about the personal data we collect and how we do it, read the Privacy Policy.


Each user who enters our website is informed, and accepts, that a commercial relationship with https://www.agualab.com.es is not initiated in any way. Therefore, the user is committed by these terms to use the Agualab website and the services it presents without violating active legislation, public order and good faith.

With this we want to make it clear that the use of the Agualab website for illegal or harmful purposes is prohibited, as well as any use that could harm it in any way and prevent the normal functioning of the website.

Regarding the content published on this website, users are prohibited from reproducing, distributing and/or modifying it, whether in whole or in part. The only method to carry out some of the aforementioned actions is to have the authorization of their official owners. Its use will be exclusively for commercial purposes.

Once the user enters the website https://www.agualab.co.uk, and makes use of it, they agree not to cause or carry out any conduct that may damage the image of the website and their interests and rights. . It is also committed to not carry out any conduct that could harm third parties related to the web, which in some way could damage, disable or overload the portal, thus preventing the malfunction, performance of the web and the experience of other users.

However, the user must keep in mind and be aware that the security measures implemented by computer systems on the Internet do not have the necessary measures to be entirely reliable. By this we mean that https://www.agualab.co.uk does not guarantee the existence of viruses or other elements that may cause any damage or alteration in the software and hardware systems of the users. However, we work every day to offer the best security and avoid possible damage to electronic documents and more.


The security measures present that the data provided voluntarily by the user to the web https://www.agualab.co.uk, can and will be stored in automated databases or not. The ownership corresponds exclusively to https://www.agualab.co.uk, we are responsible for all measures of a technical, organizational and security nature. In this way we guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information contained therein. Taking into account the agreement established in the current regulations on data protection.

We use a secure channel for user communication with the Agualab website. We have https protocols to encrypt the transmitted data. In this way, we can guarantee the best security conditions so that the confidentiality of the user can be secure.


https://www.agualab.co.uk informs users of the existence of claim forms that are available to each of you, as users and customers of the web. The purpose of these claim sheets is so that the user can make claims, they only have to request the sheet.


In the event that the user is interested in using a dispute resolution platform, to submit their claims, they can use the dispute resolution platform that is available and provided by the European Commission. You can access it through the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/


Officially the web https://www.agualab.co.uk, can provide links to other own websites and content owned by third parties, whenever you wish. Our objective in providing links is that we in turn provide the user with the possibility of accessing said links.

However, we cannot be held responsible in any way for the results that may be obtained by performing this action. Since the results can be derived to the User by accessing said links. However, the user will be able to find within this Agualab website, pages, promotions, affiliate programs, whose actions access the browsing habits of users, which is necessary to establish profiles. Also, this information is always kept anonymous and does not identify the user.

We want to notify you that any information provided on these sponsored sites or affiliate links will be subject to their own privacy policies of those sites and will clearly not be subject to our privacy policy.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that each user read and carefully review the privacy policy of each of the sponsored websites and affiliate links. If the user wishes to establish any technical link device from our Agualab website, they must do so with prior written authorization from https://www.agualab.co.uk.

The establishment of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between https://www.agualab.co.uk and the owner of the site where the link is established, nor the acceptance or approval by https:// www.agualab.co.uk of its contents or services.


On our website https://www.agualab.co.uk the user is free to make comments to enrich the published content, make queries, suggestions and/or complaints in a respectful manner. If the comment is not related to the Agualab website or its content, service and/or product.

Any comment made on our website that includes defamation, offense, insults, aggressiveness, racism, disrespect and personal attacks, will be immediately deleted. Likewise, with comments that contain false, misleading, harmful information such as: personal information, telephone numbers, private addresses, etc.

These comments violate our data protection policy. Likewise, those comments created solely for promotional purposes of a website, person or group and everything that can be considered spam in general will be rejected.

Anonymous comments are not allowed, as well as those made by the same person with different nicknames. Those comments that try to force a debate or a position by another user will not be considered either.


The presenter of the web, clarifies that he is not responsible in any case nor does he grant any guarantee, for damages of any nature, that could be caused on this website due to:

Lack of availability, maintenance and proper functioning of the web, both its services and content.

Existence of malicious programs, viruses or harmful content.

Negligent and illegal use by users, fraudulent activities or contrary to this Legal Notice.

The lack of legality, quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to users on the website.

The provider is not responsible under any circumstances for damages that may arise from the illegal or improper use of this website.


In general, the relations between https://www.agualab.co.uk with the Users of its telematic services, present on this website, are subject to Spanish legislation and jurisdiction and to the courts of Malaga.


If the user in any case has any questions about these conditions of legal notice and terms of use, or even about any comment on the portal https://www.agualab.com.es, you can contact our Email us with complete confidence. : info@agualab.com.es. Before concluding, the team that forms Agualab Spain, we thank you for the time you have dedicated to reading this Legal Notice.